Individual/Family Class Via Zoom

Level one

Heart Core Reconnection
Training our brain to focus and strengthen your core life force for
balance, inner strength and well- being.

Allow one and a half hour (1 ½) for instructions and exercises in a very
quiet setting. It is also important to allow another thirty (30) minutes
for the body to integrate after each session.


This part of the technology is a crucial. Continuation of the Heart Core reconnection. This clears and reenergizes your torus field, bio-energy field and releases all interferences such as relationship cords that we
have created in our daily life.

The quality of your FOCUS is the quality of the technology.


Infinity Spiral Cord Cleanse and DNA Illumination

This technology uses your intention, your breath and your body movement.  This combination brings your life force into your body at an accelerated state and lights up your dormant DNA; clearing out all ancestral karma working both forward and backward in your ancestral line.  This preparation results in the merging of the DNA and the soul’s Higher Self coherence.



Now that you have strengthened your core and reenergized your torus field, bio-energy
field, you’re ready to combine the wisdom of your DNA with your Soul/Higher Self life force.  You can perform your life purpose and play the earth game that you wish to play with the freedom and sovereignty and yet the knowing of Oneness.


The Spinal Clock (The Quantum Leap)

This technology attunes your core Self to the forces of galactic energy.  As you attune each house by untangling the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical energies, you are able to receive more information from the cosmos.

Like the houses of your astrological chart, you are able to sense the areas that need your attention and to become retuned as if you are tuning a harp or guitar

After finding the places with your senses, you may want to go back to your astrological chart to find if it is a spiritual, mental, emotional or physical disturbance in this house and loving reunite these places in your life to bring your yourself back in tune with the Universe.